CAS@home computing schedule
Thanks to all the generous contribution from our volunteers, TreeThreader has finished its first computing campaign of 50K protein sequences. Very important scientific conclusion has been drawn from the results and a new paper is in the process of writing. Official results will be published later on CAS@home news.A new campaign of TreeThreader will be launched soon with a task of 80K sequences to be predicted!

12 Feb 2014, 3:04:44 UTC · Comment

TreeThreader Job Submission Error
Due to network problems between ICT and IHEP, the TreeThreader job submission service keeps failing. In order to diagnose this problem, the job submission service will be stopped, hence no jobs will be generated during this period. We will send notifications once the service is back! Sorry for the inconvenience!

ICT has started to slowly submit jobs from last week to test the stability! (28th Aug, 2013)

由于网络故障问题,TreeThreader 的作业提交系统不断出现失败,为了诊断故障,我们决定暂时中止TreeThreader的作业提交服务,因此这段时间内CAS@home上将没有可领取的作业。我们会在解决问题后,及时通知!带来不便,敬请谅解!

26 Jul 2013, 3:48:00 UTC · Comment

CAS@home back in service.
We have finished the regular maintenance of our servers, and CAS@home is back in service now. 21 Jul 2013, 11:30:10 UTC · Comment

cas@home downtime
IHEP-CC which is hosting CAS@home will be under regular maintenance between 19th July and 21th July. In the meanwhile, we will also shut down CAS@home server because of no network connectivity. The project will resume its regular running at the latest of 22th July 2013. 19 Jul 2013, 1:55:18 UTC · Comment

Tips: experiment about ICT task cannot be stopped.
近期有志愿者反映ICT的作业在windows上出现无法手动停止的问题,这个问题出现在ICT_treeThreader_1.21_windows_intelx86(2nd Generation)版本,具体现象是在BOINC里手动暂停ICT的任务,但是windows的任务管理器里面还有,而且是满负荷运算,直到把当前任务完全计算完才停止。
1)启动CAS@home,更新任务,得到8个ICT任务,版本是ICT_treeThreader_1.21_windows_intelx86(2nd Generation),开始运行后,CPU利用率为100%,见图2

Recently, some volunteers reflect that the ICT tasks cannot be stopped manually in the windows machines, and the problem occurs in the version of ICT_treeThreader_1.21_windows_intelx86(2nd Generation. Specific phenomenon is described as follows. When the ICT task is stopped manually in BOINC client, it also exists in the task manager and full load, and it cannot be stopped until the task is totally calculated.
To solve the problem, I test it in my own machine; the parameter of BOINC clients is as picture 1. The detailed situation is as follows:
1)Start the CAS@home project, and refresh the task, then the client will get eight ICT tasks, and the version is ICT_treeThreader_1.21_windows_intelx86(2nd Generation). Then run the task, the CPU usage ratio rises to 100%, as shown in picture 2;
2) If suspending four tasks, the CPU usage ratio reduces to 50%, as shown in picture 3;
3) If suspending the whole project, the ICT progress can be killed in my machine, as a result, the CPU ratio comes down, as picture 4.
If stopping the task in the BOINC client, and then continue it, according to the configuration in the BOINC server, the client will get eight more tasks. The ICT process cannot be stopped immediately until after a while if suspending all tasks, as shown in picture 5, picture 6.
Final recommendations: To avoid the situation of CPU usage ratio rising to 100%, it can lower the parameter of most used CPU in BOINC client to a low value, for example 50%.
7 Jun 2013, 14:16:57 UTC · Comment

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