BOINC developer visits CAS@home and gives a talk
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Message 517 - Posted: 9 Apr 2012, 5:32:11 UTC

BOINC developer Dr. David Anderson is paying a visit to IHEP-CC from Apr 1st to Apr 15th to help with CAS@home project.He will also give a talk on his recent work on volunteer storage at IHEP-CC.

Abstract of Dr. David Anderson's talk:
Volunteer computing uses 700,000 PCs for a wide range of scientific computing projects.These PCs provide disk storage as well as CPU and GPU processing power.A growing number of projects are using volunteer computing for storage and data-intensive computing applications.
I will categorize these applications and will describe the scheduling and allocation techniques used to handle them in BOINC.

Time: Apr 10th 15:00
Location: Conference Room,Computer Center,Institute of High Energy Physcis , CAS

Go CAS@home! We help scientists to race against time!

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Message 519 - Posted: 9 Apr 2012, 8:28:10 UTC

You don't answer any questions in the forum despite having massive problems, it's a slap in the face of us crunchers that you decide to actively ignore us.

You had all the time in the world to answer, or write anything meaningful, in the news or number crunching sections, instead you posted some socialite niceties about a visit by DA to your facility but still ignore the problems.

Your project is severely broken, perhaps most, but at least very much, of the computers once participating in the project can't get any new work because you botched the server maintenance severely. You cut out several thousand computers from your project. But you refuse to react to that, so we have to concede: You don't like us and you don't want us, you're fed up with us crunchers and ignore us.

Is this really the message you want to send to the world: "Bugger off you scum!"
Because that's what you're saying to us crunchers at the moment.
Grüße vom Sänger

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Message boards : News : BOINC developer visits CAS@home and gives a talk