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Message 560 - Posted: 23 Apr 2012, 4:30:56 UTC

Recently We have been updating our website, and accidentally put the manual for how to support BOSS application on the web, However, the application is not ready yet, we are still working on developing a job submission system for physicists who use BOSS. Official news will be released once BOSS application is ready to be online! Thanks for those who are showing their keen insterests to test this application!

这段时间,我们在进行网站的更新,不小心将BOSS应用的用户向导放在网站上了,因此收到不少志愿者的来信,询问BOSS测试作业的情况。目前我们还没有正式发布BOSS应用,主要还在开发相应的作业提交系统。当BOSS可以上线时,我们会这里正式发布消息,邀请各位志愿者一起参与测试! 谢谢各位非常热心的支持。
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Message boards : News : About BOSS Application