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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Nano Tech Research actual progress tracking (Message 982)
Posted 2340 days ago by BobCat13
Thanks for the info. 200 hours in and the progress appears to be about 57%.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Nano Tech Research actual progress tracking (Message 971)
Posted 2347 days ago by BobCat13
I have a long running Nano Tech task, and notice that every few minutes it writes a couple files in the slot directory it is in. These files are named as follows, incrementing 1 with each new file:

Looking at the command line in stderr.txt, I see the following:

20:19:10 (5032): wrapper: running start_lammps.exe ( -var restart 0 -in lammps_script -var looprun 3000 -var loopnumber 6668 -var thermon 3334 -var dumpn 33340 -var e_steps 0 -var l_script lammps_script -var vx 0.00001 -var vy 0.00192 -var vz 0.00473)

Which of those variables determine how many and log.### files the task actually has to complete to finish?

I am hoping it is the loopnumber as 6668 will take about 15 days of CPU time. If it is dumpn 33340, then it will take about 75 days of CPU time.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Failed downloads (Message 313)
Posted 3109 days ago by BobCat13
The problem is that if you don't have any CAS@home tasks on your machine, the file is deleted and has to be downloaded again the next time your client receives tasks. The way to fix this is that once you have successfully downloaded this file, do the following:

1. Stop the boinc client
2. Go to your data directory
3. Open client_state.xml in a text editor
4. Search for "" excluding the quotes
5. With a successful search, there should be a section that looks like this:


6. You will be missing the <sticky/> line, just add it and save, then exit the file
7. Start the boinc client