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1) Message boards : Number crunching : BUG REPORT: Multi-language system fails? (Message 619)
Posted 2664 days ago by eruda
In this morning, I found that some of the links on the website of CAS stay still in English, whatever I choose from the "Select Language" check-list.
I can't point out all of them, but they seem to involve all the links on the top banner except "Users" and "Community".
Report this and hope you fix it up:)
2) Message boards : News : Updates on Tsinghua Nano Tech (Message 616)
Posted 2666 days ago by eruda
Did anyone notice the 'Database Error' on top of the forum?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : About the credits of SCThread (Message 613)
Posted 2671 days ago by eruda
As you can see that, the credit granted for each WU of SCThreads is locked to 8.00! I remembered that this was because of a validation problem occured long long time ago... I think this is not your and the validator's initial purpose. So could you fix this problem sometime in the future? Thanks a lot!
4) Message boards : News : The SCThread application was announced formally! (Message 308)
Posted 3182 days ago by eruda
so...where can i find the source code? I want to run it locally on our own cluster...