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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Formula BOINC (Message 209)
Posted 3531 days ago by [AF>WildWildWest]Sebastien
Do you agree the integration of your project in Formula BOINC trophy.

The principle of Formula BOINC is explained on this page:

As a possible consequence of this principle, your project could at some point in time, become the target of sudden and massive actions from Teams trying to get its 10 points (Or at least a higher team position to obtain a few extra points).

So, if you think that it could be harmful for your IT system (Servers etc), you can ask to be removed from FORMULA BOINC for 2010. If you want to participate, but decide at some point during the year that participating in our Formula BOINC Stats Site does not suit your project's needs for any reasons, you can ask to be removed from Formula BOINC for a defined period of time (of your choice), or indefinitely of course.

Thus the Formula BOINC administration will deactivate your project from the Trophy Race in order to remove any issues or problems on your server(s) or project that were caused by Formula BOINC