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1) Message boards : News : CAS@home downtime (Message 701)
Posted 2402 days ago by DGG
OK I guess we will just have to wait patiently. Thanks for responding!
2) Message boards : News : CAS@home downtime (Message 696)
Posted 2409 days ago by DGG
Looks like a week of scheduled downtime is now approaching a month. Any news on when CAS is coming back with more work?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Extreme short deadline (Message 247)
Posted 3126 days ago by DGG
I too am getting WUs with less than 2 hour deadlines. This forces BOINC to set them up as Running at High Priority which essentially stops all other projects I run.

Please fix this right away CAS admins! I won't do work with such impossible deadlines.