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1) Message boards : News : cas@home project status (Message 18722)
Posted 1299 days ago by [AF>Libristes] Dudumomo
From my understanding, they have open a platform where scientists can submit sequences and CAS@Home will run them to predict the structure.

So, our computing power on CAS@home is now only used for this (For the moment I guess).

That explains why so little WUs, but it's a good initiative actually. Hope more and more scientists will use their tool.
2) Message boards : News : Launch of TreeThreader: a new application for protein structure prediction (Message 742)
Posted 2762 days ago by [AF>Libristes] Dudumomo
Nice ! Finally some news !
I will add my resources on the project !
3) Message boards : News : Project contact (Message 557)
Posted 2962 days ago by [AF>Libristes] Dudumomo
Thanks for sharing this emergency contact Wenjing.
It is actually a good idea.

I just hope that the admins will not really only on mail for community communication. The forum is and has to be the main tool of communication.

Thanks Wenjing and let's increase the computing power of the project through good communication.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Cas@home display Wu and use GPU ? like Folding@home ? (Message 326)
Posted 3394 days ago by [AF>Libristes] Dudumomo
Don't expect any GPU application soon.
But I guess a screensaver can be done for CAS but it won't be a priority for them I'm sure. (In term of science, it doesn't bring anything and can even slowdown a little bit the computer...)

(And it seems that the forum is quite dead here ! xD)
5) Message boards : Cafe : I just posted about your project at my blog ScienceSprings (Message 293)
Posted 3479 days ago by [AF>Libristes] Dudumomo
Nice article !
Thank you.
Hopefully it will bring more ppl here !
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Limit on tasks (Message 291)
Posted 3483 days ago by [AF>Libristes] Dudumomo
Yes 8 WUs in total for your dualcore + HT (ie 4 logical cores), as limited.
And here is your validated WUs:

Everything seems fine.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Limit on tasks (Message 289)
Posted 3483 days ago by [AF>Libristes] Dudumomo
When the application will perform better, it will be important to raise this limit.

We need some cache as sometimes, computers are not connected h24 to internet and also if the project suffer from internet issues which could lead the website to be unable to sent new WUs, it is always nice to have some cache.
Increasing the number of WUs allowed per core will do the trick

However, limiting at 12Wus per machine is far better but not very necessary...
Some people have far more cores (24 cores is now easy to do, and 48 cores can also be reached)
I'm wondering if this limit is very usefull...

And credit points can be revised later, to attract more cruncher. (But don't overcredit your WUs)

But for now, all these is secondary.

First is to imprive the app.
(Jai You with that !)
8) Message boards : Number crunching : exceeded elapsed time limit (Message 288)
Posted 3484 days ago by [AF>Libristes] Dudumomo
Hmm interested indeed.

And I thought everything was okay for my hosts, but apparently I had some bad WUs falling on my computer (But not for the others apparently)
Several from my computer 4055 (T9400, 4GB, Ubuntu 10.04 64b) and some few from my computer 4709 (E6550, Windowes SP3)

Same error message...Maximum elapsed time exceeded
Also at 29mn something
Usually it takes me less than 20mn per task.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : exceeded elapsed time limit (Message 283)
Posted 3487 days ago by [AF>Libristes] Dudumomo
May you try to check the value <rsc_fpops_bound>xxx</rsc_fpops_bound> of the tasks and increase this value if necessary...

(Just an might not be the solution)
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Linux app (Message 281)
Posted 3489 days ago by [AF>Libristes] Dudumomo
Did you have a recent try ?

So far my 3 linux PC don't have any problem. You problem seems to be due to Windows inconclusive tasks...