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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Output file absent (Message 6)
Posted 3047 days ago by Profile Cori
My first WU errored out after ~45 minutes:

Run time 1168.1875
CPU time 974.9688
stderr out

- exit code 195 (0xc3)
scthread wrapper: starting
.\parameters\PSM\2okca.psm: inconsistent between PSM and FSSP

the length of the 3-th core of 1tqqa is 56, exceed 50

can't open the file .\parameters\fssp\1qjla.fssp for read!
app exit status: 0xffffffff
20:50:10 (1968): called boinc_finish


Validate state Invalid

Also my BOINCmanager told me that

13.06.2010 20:50:20 CAS@home Computation for task WU_002_01_002_6 finished
13.06.2010 20:50:20 CAS@home Output file WU_002_01_002_6_0 for task WU_002_01_002_6 absent

But my 2nd WU went fine and got already credits. :-)
2) Message boards : Cafe : equn.com的兄弟们都来报到吧 (Message 5)
Posted 3047 days ago by Profile Cori
First ATA* greetings from Germany! :-)

*Alpha Testers Anonymous - we're addicted to BOINC! *grin*