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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Granted Credits (Message 126)
Posted 2904 days ago by Kevint
Would you increse the granted credits level? 18 credits/hr is fairly low compared to most of the projects. A 2-3x increase would be on par.

This has already been suggested.. but good to see someone else suggesting it.

Maybe the project just does not want or need very many participants.. because that is what they will get.. very few, until they increase the credits.

Crazy to think that top participant RAC of 4500 is in the top 10,(that is a single quad 6600 on most projects) and 57,000 is top 10 total credit. For as long as this project has been running, those numbers should be at least 3x times that.

Maybe i'll hop on over to uFluids for a credit booster!

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Can we increase the WU limit? (Message 104)
Posted 2916 days ago by Kevint

While you are increasing the WU to 2 per core,
Consider the credit given.

If you want more work done and completed, more credit per WU should be given.

Right now I think this project ranks near the bottom next to uFluids, WCG, and Malaria for credit per hour.