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Join CAS@home Manual

1.Download and install the BOINC client (please download BOINC client 7.0 or above to support downloading compressed files which are used in several applications of CAS@home)

Download BOINC by following the instructions at:

2.Attach to CAS@home project from your BOINC Manager

(1).Open BOINC Manager, click on the "Add Project" button, it will pop up a window for choosing a project:

(2).Select "Add Project "option and click "Next":

(3). Select "CAS@home" from the Projects selection drop box, Or input in Project URL, then click on the "Next" Button.

(4) Register to CAS@home
a. If you have have registered on the CAS @ home project, you can choose "Yes, I have registered (Y)", enter the account and password and click Next;
b. If you are a new user, select "No, I am a new user (N)", input your email address, set a password, and click on Next; new users also can be registered on the project website, and modify the account information on the website:
c. If you have registered to other projects, such as the SETI @ home, you can register to CAS@home with the same email address to get accumulated credit.

(5) Click the "Finish" command box

(6) Return to t BOINC Manager, and you can see the newly added project (CAS @ home).

(7) You also can select the "Advanced View" in the "View" command box:

You can view the status of the running task, network transport and client running status, and also click on the left side menu "Update" to get work units manually and immediately, or "Suspend" to suspend a running job and so on.

3.Select the applications you wish to support

CAS@home supports various applications, and you can choose to support one or more of these. Some applications involve using a virtual machine: make sure they are suitable for your computer before using these.

(1).Go to the website ( ,click "User", and log yourself in:

(2).Select "User"-> "User Information"

(3).Click on "Preference"->"CAS@home preferences"

(4).Click on "Edit CAS@home preferences";

(5).In "Run only the selected applications", select the application you are interested and click on "Update preferences"

(6).To know more about the application, visit our website(Research) .