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cas@home project status
The main application running on CAS@home is the TreeThreader which predicts protein structure. After finishing a big campaign in Oct 2015, there have been sporadic TreeThreader jobs running on CAS@home which is around 200 sequences to predict every month. Currently, the TreeThreader application provides a public service FALCON to allow worldwide biologists submitting their protein sequences for structure prediction, and CAS@home is the backend computing platform for this public service. This service has just been open to the public, and it expects more biologists to use it in the near future with a recent publication. Apart from the jobs from FALCON, there will also be another campaign of TreeThreader between Feb and May 2016 to prepare for the CASP event . As usual, CAS@home appreciates all the support from its volunteers! 1 Feb 2016, 9:15:54 UTC · Comment

LHC@home Test4Theory passed 2 Trillion events
The Test4Theory application of LHC@home just announced that they have reached the total of 2 Trillion events simulated since 2011 by volunteers for the CERN PH-TH project MCPlots.

The original news can be found here
29 Jun 2015, 8:31:22 UTC · Comment

CAS@home maintenance period
IHEP Computer Center enters the annual maintenance period starting from 25th July, and finishes at 30th July. The CAS@home server will be shutdown during this period!
Thanks for your understanding!
25 Jul 2014, 7:45:40 UTC · Comment

CAS@home computing schedule
Thanks to all the generous contribution from our volunteers, TreeThreader has finished its first computing campaign of 50K protein sequences. Very important scientific conclusion has been drawn from the results and a new paper is in the process of writing. Official results will be published later on CAS@home news.A new campaign of TreeThreader will be launched soon with a task of 80K sequences to be predicted!

12 Feb 2014, 3:04:44 UTC · Comment

TreeThreader Job Submission Error
Due to network problems between ICT and IHEP, the TreeThreader job submission service keeps failing. In order to diagnose this problem, the job submission service will be stopped, hence no jobs will be generated during this period. We will send notifications once the service is back! Sorry for the inconvenience!

ICT has started to slowly submit jobs from last week to test the stability! (28th Aug, 2013)

由于网络故障问题,TreeThreader 的作业提交系统不断出现失败,为了诊断故障,我们决定暂时中止TreeThreader的作业提交服务,因此这段时间内CAS@home上将没有可领取的作业。我们会在解决问题后,及时通知!带来不便,敬请谅解!

26 Jul 2013, 3:48:00 UTC · Comment

CAS@home back in service.
We have finished the regular maintenance of our servers, and CAS@home is back in service now. 21 Jul 2013, 11:30:10 UTC · Comment

cas@home downtime
IHEP-CC which is hosting CAS@home will be under regular maintenance between 19th July and 21th July. In the meanwhile, we will also shut down CAS@home server because of no network connectivity. The project will resume its regular running at the latest of 22th July 2013. 19 Jul 2013, 1:55:18 UTC · Comment

Tips: experiment about ICT task cannot be stopped.
近期有志愿者反映ICT的作业在windows上出现无法手动停止的问题,这个问题出现在ICT_treeThreader_1.21_windows_intelx86(2nd Generation)版本,具体现象是在BOINC里手动暂停ICT的任务,但是windows的任务管理器里面还有,而且是满负荷运算,直到把当前任务完全计算完才停止。
1)启动CAS@home,更新任务,得到8个ICT任务,版本是ICT_treeThreader_1.21_windows_intelx86(2nd Generation),开始运行后,CPU利用率为100%,见图2

Recently, some volunteers reflect that the ICT tasks cannot be stopped manually in the windows machines, and the problem occurs in the version of ICT_treeThreader_1.21_windows_intelx86(2nd Generation. Specific phenomenon is described as follows. When the ICT task is stopped manually in BOINC client, it also exists in the task manager and full load, and it cannot be stopped until the task is totally calculated.
To solve the problem, I test it in my own machine; the parameter of BOINC clients is as picture 1. The detailed situation is as follows:
1)Start the CAS@home project, and refresh the task, then the client will get eight ICT tasks, and the version is ICT_treeThreader_1.21_windows_intelx86(2nd Generation). Then run the task, the CPU usage ratio rises to 100%, as shown in picture 2;
2) If suspending four tasks, the CPU usage ratio reduces to 50%, as shown in picture 3;
3) If suspending the whole project, the ICT progress can be killed in my machine, as a result, the CPU ratio comes down, as picture 4.
If stopping the task in the BOINC client, and then continue it, according to the configuration in the BOINC server, the client will get eight more tasks. The ICT process cannot be stopped immediately until after a while if suspending all tasks, as shown in picture 5, picture 6.
Final recommendations: To avoid the situation of CPU usage ratio rising to 100%, it can lower the parameter of most used CPU in BOINC client to a low value, for example 50%.
7 Jun 2013, 14:16:57 UTC · Comment

TreeThreader Job Submission server glitch
There is a network glitch on the TreeThreader Job Submission server, so no new jobs will be submitted to CAS@home before this is fixed! We will keep you updated of the situation from here! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Update: The Job Submission Service is back!


更新: TreeThreader作业提交系统已经恢复正常!
22 May 2013, 6:05:42 UTC · Comment

TreeThreader Job Submission glitch
There is a network glitch on the TreeThreader Job Submission server, so no new jobs will be submitted to CAS@home before this is fixed! We will keep you updated of the situation from here! Sorry for the inconvenience!

22 May 2013, 6:04:40 UTC · Comment

TreeThreader Calls for more Computing Power
TreeThreader application(software for protein structure prediction) recently has 50K new sequences for prediction, with each sequece requires around 85 CPU hours computation time,this equals to a 4.25M CPU hours computing time. Because of the limitation of the Job Submission system, new jobs are not generated continously on the server side. To solve this problem, we are trying to tighten the deadline, increase replication number, and increase the parallelism on the Job Submission end so that volunteer hosts can receive more new jobs!

30 Apr 2013, 14:49:58 UTC · Comment

Deadline for TreeThreader
We adjusted the deadline several times for TreeThreader upon requests from volunteers. But due to the specific setup on the frontend server of TreeThreader which generate and submit jobs to CAS@home, this application needs a tighter deadline. The frontend server allows maximum 300 batches (9600 jobs) to run on CAS@home in parallel, so if the deadline is too loose, some batches do not get return in time and it will prevent the frontend server from submitting new jobs to CAS@home server. This leaves the fast voluteer hosts in a starving situation. To resolve this paradox, we examine the running time of all finished jobs of TreeThreader, and reach a conclusion that 98% jobs require less than 4.16hours on an average host and the longest running time job is 26.1hours on an exremely slow host (0.7GFLOS/s). Based on above analysis, we reset the TreeThreader job deadline to be 36hours. Please leave your feedback here if any exceptions happen on your host. Thanks!

Clients can not get new jobs?:

The TreeThreader Job Submission portal only allows 9600 jobs running in parallel(each sequence needs to be pre-processed before being submitted and also post-processed after collecting the results), so when all these jobs are being claimed and run on volunteer hosts, there won't be any new jobs generated from the server for the clients to request

应志愿者要求,我们几次调整过TreeThreader的deadline.但是由于TreeThreader前端提交作业服务器的限制,我们目前设置的deadline(72小时)太松了,使得TreeThreader不能充分利用CAS@home的资源。TreeThreader前端服务器允许在CAS@home平台上同时运行300个batch的作业(9600个作业),如果deadline太松,某些batch由于等待一两个晚到的作业结果,不能及时返回到前端服务器,从而阻止前端服务器产生更多的新的作业。这种状况使得大部分空闲的志愿主机处于“饥荒”状态。为了解决这一矛盾,我们仔细分析了所有作业的完成时间,得出以下结论:TreeThreader 98%的作业运行时间低于4.16小时(在一台普通主机上),数据库中记录运行时间最长的作业为26.1小时(该作业运行在一个速率极低的主机上,该主机的计算能力为0.79GFLOPS每秒)。 基于上述分析,我们将TreeThreader作业的deadline设置为36小时。如果在您主机上出现任何异常,请在此反馈!谢谢!


23 Apr 2013, 8:08:11 UTC · Comment

Application Status: TreeThreader
With the kind assistants of our volunteers, TreeThreader developers from ICT finnaly are able to fix all the bugs in the software. We launched the most recent version TreeThreader 1.21 on 19th March 2013, and statisitics shows the Error Job Rates is reduced from 28% to 3%, and Faulty Host Rate (a faulty hot is a host which has never finished a TreeThreader job) is down from 33% to 3%. Since the software is stable now, ICT scientists plan to submit a big batch of jobs in the near future.
Special thanks to our volunteers 王梓任 and sow-5

在志愿者的热心帮助下,TreeThreader的开发人员终于追踪和修复了软件的bug。我们于2013年3月19日发布了TreeThreader的最新版本V1.21, 统计信息显示TreeThreader软件的bug已经被清除了,作业的错误率从老版本的28%下降到3%, 错误主机率(错误主机为从未完成任何一个TreeThreader作业的主机)从老版本的33%下降到3%。因为软件已经稳定化了,ICT的科学家们将在近期提交大批作业。
21 Mar 2013, 3:16:50 UTC · Comment

CAS@home job status
Recent Plans of jobs for CAS@home:
Tsinghua Scientists are post processing the current resutls, no new jobs will be sent in 2~3 weeks before they reach a result of the post process.

Developers are contacting volunteers to debug an error which happens on about 20% of the Windows hosts, no jobs will be sent before the bug is fixed.


11 Mar 2013, 6:50:01 UTC · Comment

Call for your help to debug TreeThreader
It is found out that about 20% of the Windows hosts fail at running the TreeThreader application due to a certain error. The TreeThreader developers can not reproduce this error on their developing/testing machines. It will be extremely helpful if they can debug the error on the failed hosts. In the following period, TreeThreader developer Jin Li will try to contact the ones with the failed hosts to debug the error by private message on the forum. We would greatly appreciate it if you could cooperate!

经过一段时间运行统计,我们发现大约20%的windows主机在运行TreeThreader程序的时候出现一个致命错误。TreeThreader的开发人员无法在自己的开发和测试主机上重复这个错误。为了调试这个错误,开发人员Jin Li将通过论坛私信的形式和出现过该错误的主机的用户联系,协商通过远程形式,在这些主机上调试这个错误。希望能得到您的配合和帮助!
11 Mar 2013, 3:07:07 UTC · Comment

Call for your help to test TreeThreader
It is found out that about 20% of the Windows hosts fail at running the TreeThreader application due to a certain error. The TreeThreader developers can not reproduce this error on their developing/testing machines. It will be extremely helpful if they can debug the error on the failed hosts. In the following period, TreeThreader developer Jin Li will try to contact the ones with the failed hosts to debug the error by private message on the forum. We would greatly appreciate it if you could cooperate!

经过一段时间运行统计,我们发现大约20%的windows主机在运行TreeThreader程序的时候出现一个致命错误。TreeThreader的开发人员无法在自己的开发和测试主机上重复这个错误。为了调试这个错误,开发人员Jin Li将通过论坛私信的形式和出现过该错误的主机的用户联系,协商通过远程形式,在这些主机上调试这个错误。希望能得到您的配合和帮助!
11 Mar 2013, 3:04:28 UTC · Comment

CAS@home summary for 2012


LAMMPS应用程序2012年5月正式上线,从2012.9到目前为止,我们一共更新了13个版本(当前的稳定版本是1.29)。在这个版本里,我们已经将错误主机率(错误主机是指没有成功运行过任何作业的主机)从31%(版本1.16)降低到5%(版本1.29), 这个是国际上志愿计算应用所能接受的主机错误率范围。
从上线开始,LAMMPS共获得 62万的有效CPU小时,完成了20个对动态分子进行模拟的任务。目前,这些数据需要被送往清华大学,等待科学家的后期处理。


TreeThreader应用程序于2012.9月正式上线,到目前为止,我们一共更新了18个版本(当前的稳定版本Windows为1.17, Linux为1.18)。错误主机率由34%(版本1.00)降低到27%(1.17)。但是由于应用程序本身在某些主机上还存在问题。计算所的开发人员还在对此进行调试,以实现一个较低的错误主机率。






1) 建立较大规模的测试平台,对移植的应用程序进行更全方位的测试。
2) 对于每个新发布的版本,在测试平台上经过严格测试,才发布到CAS@home平台
3) 科学计算用户的作业需要在测试平台上进行测试,确保作业本身没有问题,才能被提交到CAS@home平台
4) 科学计算用户提交一批新作业前,必须与平台运行人员沟通,共同检查测试运行结果,以保证作业不出现异常情况




-CAS@home 团队

Greetings, everyone!
During the year of 2012, we have made great progress on CAS@home with all the kind help, including yours! We ported two applications on the platform, including dynamical molecular simuation software LAMMPS (used for Nanotech research by scientsts from Tsinghua University) and protein structure prediction software TreeThreader (used by scientists from ICT, CAS). And we devoted a lot of manpower to improve the stability and fault tolerance of the 2 applications in the second half year of 2012 as we officially launced them and got sufficient results back from volunteer hosts.

LAMMPS was offically launced in May 2012, and we have released 13 new version after the official launch which significally reduced the faulty hosts rate (a faulty host is a host which never successfully finishes any job) from 31% (version 1.16) to 5% (version 1.29).
LAMMPS has gained 620K effective CPU hours worth proccess rate ever since its launch, and finished 20 batches of simulation. The results will be transfered back to Tsinghua and be post processed by the scientists as we finish setting up the data transfer channel between IHEP and Tsinghua.

TreeThreader was officially launched in September 2012. We have released 18 versions for both Windows and Linux platform ever since then to fix various bugs we saw along the running process or reported by volunteers. The faulty host rate is reduced from 34% (version 1.00) to 27%(1.18). However, the TreeThreader application still fails on 27% of the windows machines, developers from ICT are still working on investigating and fixing the problem.
TreeThreader has gained about 95K effective CPU hours worth process rate ever since its launch, and successfully finished the struction prediction of about 1700 protein sequences so far, and there are still 6000 more sequences needs to be processed in the following period.
Volunteers can follow these instructions to check the protein structure your computer contributed to compute.
We are also writting scripts to generate summary of each volunteer's contribution over periods, and would send emails to volunteers about the summary.

A few pages for your references:
CAS@home Application version release history

CAS@home Applicationfaulty hosts rate

CAS@home project wide statistics

In the year of 2012, we have run into a lot of problems on CAS@home due to the lack of manpower, lack of experience on porting cross platform applications on BOINC and project management experience. However, our volunteers have been giving us very positive and useful feedbacks on various problems then can detect from their computings which greatly helped us to debug and eventually find solutions to fix these problems. CAS@home is growing up with all your help, and we greatly appreciate your patience and kind help in the process.

We learnt valuable lessons through the past experiences, so we have put more regulations into our project management. For example:
1) We have deployed a more comprehensive test platform to test the applications
2) Each release of applicaiton must be strictly tested on the test platform and pass the standards before it can be launched on CAS@home
3) New jobs need to be tested thoroughly and results need to be verified by scientists on the test platform before they can be submitted to CAS@home.
4) Before submitting a new batch a job, scientists users need to communicate with platform managers and analyze the results together to avoid exceptions happening.

CAS@home is a project managed by volunteers from Computer Center, Institute of High Energy Physics. We formed a loose team to manage this project, and so far there is no official funding to support all the related work, so most work of this project is done by our team mates in their spare time. Like all the volunteers to CAS@home project, we would like also to contribute our effort to volunteer computing, and help with the scientific computing. The only purpose of CAS@home is to provide this distrbuted platform to bridge volunteers and scientific computing projects which are in bad needs of a large amount of computing power.

As the first Chinese volunteer computing project, CAS@home is still young and in the process of growing up. We are fighting to release more stable application versions to volunteer hosts, and also learning from the experience of other well managed volunteer computing projects.

We believe things can get better in 2013!

Many thanks for your great effort!

-CAS@home team
18 Feb 2013, 6:09:22 UTC · Comment

CAS@home Application Release Time Table
From this web page,by clicking on the "APP Version" Tab, volunteers can check the release time of each version of CAS@home applications. Or you can nagivate to the page from Statistics->CAS@home Stats->APP Version

这个网页,点击"APP Version" ,可以看到CAS@home的各个应用程序的各个版本的发布时间的历史。或者可以通过如下方式导航:统计->CAS@home Stats->APP Version
30 Jan 2013, 3:49:12 UTC · Comment

Check out your contribution here for ThreeThreader
Would you like to see the new protein structure predicted by your computer? Here is how you can do it on CAS@home:
1. login to your account on the CAS@home website
2. Navigate to your account inforation (User->Your Account) and click on the task list
3. View the science info for the TreeThreader workunits.
4. A protein struction prediction is based on 32 workunits, if all the workunits are finished and post-processed by the ICT web service, you shall be able to see the full protein structure like this. Otherwise, you will see a "waiting" message, and you can check out the results later.

1. 在 CAS@home 网站上登录
2. 在“个人帐号”信息里(用户->你的帐号),点击任务列表
3. 在TreeThreader的workunit里,点击“view
4. 一个蛋白质结构预测的过程包含32个workunit,如果所有的workunit都已经完成,并且在ICT的服务器上完成了后期处理,那么就可以看到预测的完整的蛋白质结构了,如这里所示。否则,您将看到一条等待的消息,可以过后再查看。
3 Dec 2012, 15:17:14 UTC · Comment

Call for your help to test TreeThreader application on Windows Machine
A certain percentage of Windows hosts are identified to fail running the treeThreader application, however the error message we get from the BOINC client is not enough to debug the error, so I would like to call for your help to run this application independent of BOINC, and post the error message here if you see any.

1 download the Application file from here, zip format, rar format.
2.unzip ICT.rar or
3. run cmd on your Windows machine
4. cd to the ICT directory where you unzip ICT.rar
5. execute the command: treeThreader.exe config T0666 PTemp.list
Note: please ignore the error msg "Open Checkpoint file error", and this program lasts about 2 minutes.

Please report any other errors you see on your cmd terminal and your platform information such as OS name, version , 32bit or 64bit or simply your host id.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Test updates::
Based on our testers' feedback, there might be two reasons causing the failure of TreeThreader on your windows machine:
1. Some hosts lack the Windows running time library( msvcrt.dll),in this case, you can follow this example to install the library file on your Windows machine.

2. Some hosts may run anti-virus software which blocks the running of exe files. In this case, please permit the running of these exe files in your anti-virus software.

3. Some hosts can run the treeThreader application in the standalone model, but can not in BOINC GUI. In order to debug this, we have made a BOINC model testing tar ball file, for those who have this problem on their Windows hosts, please follow these instructions to do the test.

Final Update of TreeThreader application debug

1.下载应用程序包,zip 格式, rar 格式.
2. 在Windows主机的某个目录下解压ICT.zip或者ICT.rar
3. 在Windows主机上打开cmd程序
4. 在cmd里切换到你所解压的ICT目录下
5. 在cmd里运行程序: treeThreader.exe config T0666 PTemp.list

注意:请忽略“Open Checkpoint file error” 这个错误信息,这个程序大概持续运行2分钟,如果能正常结束,则没有问题。否则,请将cmd终端出现的错误信息以及主机信息(包括系统的名字,版本号,系统为32或者64位,或者主机id)反馈到这个帖子。

1. 某些主机缺乏最基本的Windows 运行动态库(msvcrt.dll),可以参照这个例子安装这个动态库
2. 某些主机可能运行了反病毒软件,阻止了其他exe文件的执行。如果是这种情况,请在反病毒软件中允许跟CAS@home有关的exe文件的执行。
3. 我们发现某些主机在单独运行treeThreader程序的时候,没有问题,但是在BOINC里运行却出现问题,针对这种情况,我们制作了BOINC模式的测试包,请有此问题的志愿者们按照这里的说明进行测试。[url]

TreeThreader 程序调试结果请参照
29 Nov 2012, 8:19:26 UTC · Comment

Updates on Nanotechnology application
1 一些计算结果没有得到验证,这是因为验证服务中有一个bug。
2 一些作业的估计的计算时间和计算的期限不一致,出现了作业运行时间大于最后期限的情况
3 某些志愿者反馈,从BOINC GUI停止lammps程序后,但是应用程序并未真正退出。

对于bug2, 确实存在某些作业的运行时间超过几百个小时,但是deadline没有相应地被设置。我们已经做了调整,将deadline设置为实际运行时间的8倍。如果你看到某些作业的deadline显示为2013年,那么恭喜你,你的主机上获得了一个需要运行800小时左右的Lammps作业。请不要惊慌,我们的作业有实现checkpoint,即使你关机,之前计算所获得的结果也不会丢失。

我们已经更改了程序中存在的bug,BOINC的wrapper也得到升级。由于Windows平台API的限制,在BOINC GUI 暂停一个任务的时候,从任务管理器可以看到lammps的程序“缓慢”消失(大约需要5-20秒,取决于当时主机运行的进程数目的多少),根据我们的测试结果看,不应该再存在无法退出的Lammps进程。

We have recently found a few bugs in the Nanotechnology application (Lammps):
1. new results are not validated due to a bug in the validator
2. deadline and estimated computing time are not consistent, ie, some jobs are estimated to run longer than the deadline.
3. some volunteers reported that the lammps application does not terminate after jobs being suspended from BOINC GUI.
I have fixed bug No.1, but still need some investigation to fix bug No.2 and No.3 . Sorry for the inconvenience and also many thanks to your feedback.

Bug2 is fixed now, and the deadline is set as 8 times of the estimated running time of the each job. Also some of the Lammps jobs can last up to 800hours, so if you are lucky to get this kind of jobs on your host, you will see the deadline is marked to July 2013, and do not panic about it!We have implemented checkpoint in Lammps jobs, so even you restart your computer, you will not lose what has been finished, and the jobs will continue from where it was stopped.

About Bug3:
We have fixed a few bugs in our application and also update the BOINC wrapper. Based on the results on our test jobs, there should not be any zombie lammps processes--processes will not be killed by BOINC suspend-- any more.But due to the lack of appropriate Win API of suspending a particular process, it takes a while--usually 5-20 seconds and it depends on the number of processes running on your host-- to see the lammps processes disappear from the task manager.
25 Nov 2012, 13:43:30 UTC · Comment

Launch of TreeThreader: a new application for protein structure prediction
我们很高兴地宣布,由中科院计算所开发的新一代的蛋白质结构预测软件TreeThreader正式在CAS@home上发布和运行了。相比第一代软件wsthreader(2010.6-2012.5在CAS@home上运行), TreeThreader在计算性能上提高了近两倍。

计算所的科学家们还提供了一个web service ,使得世界范围内的生物学家能够提交自己的蛋白质序列进行预测,而CAS@home正是提供这一后台计算能力的平台。这是一个在CAS@home平台上预测成功的蛋白质结构的例子

目前,计算所的科学家们具有8000多条蛋白质序列需要预测,总共需要320,000小时的CPU 时间(单台计算机需要36.5年才能计算完)。希望各位志愿者能踊跃参与这项计算任务。

We are glad to announce that the new application TreeThreader is officially launched on CAS@home.
TreeThreader is the second generation software developed by scientists from ICT(Institute of Computer Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences) for Protein Structure Prediction and it outperforms the first generation software SCThreader by 2 times.

ICT scientists also provide a web service to world wild biologist to submit their protein sequences for structure prediction, and the backend computing power is from CAS@home. This is an example of the result.

At present, ICI scientists have about 8000 protein sequences to predict, and this will take about 320,000 CPU hours which is about 36.5 years on a single CPU PC.
7 Nov 2012, 2:46:11 UTC · Comment

CAS@home downtime
Due to the reconstruction work of the Computer Center, CAS@home server will be shutdown for a week, starting from UTC 0:00 20th Sep 2012.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

24/09/2012 All services are back!


24/09/2012 CAS@home服务器恢复正常!
19 Sep 2012, 9:00:56 UTC · Comment

CAS@home WorkUnits
We changed the Work Generator on CAS@home, so in the future, work units will only be generated when the scientists of the applications submit their jobs to CAS@home. This means there will not be continuous work units generated as the "scthread" application which is deprecated now as its substitute "treeThreader" is coming online on CAS@home.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

我们修改了CAS@home上的作业生成方式。在第一代蛋白质结构预测scthread应用中(这个应用已经被即将上线的第二代蛋白质结构预测软件treeThreader取代),因为当时具有相当规模的序列需要比对,所以我们在服务器上使用了自动作业生成器,能够产生源源不断的作业。但是当前CAS@home服务器上的两个应用,"清华纳米技术应用", 和“第二代蛋白质结构预测“,采取了不同的作业生成方式,即应用的科学家们在有需要时,手动提交作业到CAS@home服务器,这样服务器上才会有作业生成。因此,作业的多少是与科学家们的提交习惯有关系的。当大家在某一段时间没有看到作业,也是正常现象。

19 Sep 2012, 6:46:23 UTC · Comment

Server downtime
Sep 13th 0:00 UTC:CAS@home server is temporarily out of service during the upgrade of the server.

Sep 13th 11:09 UTC: CAS@home servers is back online!

9月13日8:00 由于升级过程中出现故障,CAS@home服务器暂时不可用。

9月13日19:11 CAS@home 服务器故障已经解除,所有服务回归正常!
13 Sep 2012, 0:23:43 UTC · Comment

Updates on CAS@home server

Due to the hardware failure on the old CAS@home server, we have transplanted CAS@home service to another server in June. For the problems on the old server was very urgent, we took a server from computing center for the emergency, and now we have purchase a new server, we are scheduling a downtime(a week by estimation) starting from Tue Aug 16 UTC 00:00:00 CST 2012 to migrate once again CAS@home service to the new server , during this period we will close the service and the sites.
Sorry for the inconvenience to the volunteers!
15 Aug 2012, 8:58:01 UTC · Comment

Project downtime
Due to the coming of regular maintenance period of IHEP_CC server room, we have to shut down the CAS@home server a few times during the period between 25th July and 10th August.
Each shutdown will take 1-2 days depending on the progress of the maintenance. And We will update on the status of the server! Sorry for the inconvenience!

31th July: CAS@home is back online now!

There is a network connectivity problem on the server during the period of 31th July and 8th August which caused slow access to the website and slow uploading, but it is fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

7月31号: CAS@home 服务已经重新上线了!

25 Jul 2012, 3:03:34 UTC · Comment

CAS@home service back online
The hardware replacement is finished,CAS@home service is back online!
18 Jun 2012, 7:23:59 UTC · Comment

CAS@home server status
Due to the hardware failure to the current CAS@home server, we are scheduling a downtime(a week by estimation) starting from Tue Jun 12 UTC 00:00:00 CST 2012 to set up a new server to replace the current server! In the meanwhile, we need to shut down the whole project and the website before the new server can come into service. Sorry for the inconvenience!
And also appologies to the website unavailibility over the past weekend!
11 Jun 2012, 3:25:40 UTC · Comment

Updates on Tsinghua Nano Tech
请支持清华大学纳米技术研究组!根据文档,选择Tsinghua Nano Tech Research应用,即可以接收LAMMPS作业。


Based on feedbacks from our volunteers, we have fixed a few bugs in the application,and now we are sending out more jobs!Please support Scientists from Tsinghua Nano Tech research group!To do so, please follow document to check "Tsinghua Nano Tech Research" application to crunch LAMMPS jobs!

Notice: We are still trying to identify and fix the bugs in the application, so
some of the jobs may run on your hosts for hours and end up with a computation error, however in this case, we can still compensate you with the equivalent credit by the records from server! So please do not hesitate to try it :)
24 May 2012, 11:10:08 UTC · Comment

Tsinghua Nano Tech appliction
现在我们在小规模的发送清华大学的纳米技术研究的作业,所以您的机器可能会偶尔接受到这个应用的作业,如果是这种情况,感谢您的参与,如果作业中出现任何异常,请您及时反馈。如果您想避免这类作业,请参照文档 ,选择不支持该应用!

We have started to send lammps jobs of Tsinghua Nano Tech research on a small scale on CAS@home, so occasionally you may recieve lammps jobs on your clients, in this case, thanks very much for your support, and if you see any unusual situation, your feedback is highly appreciated! And if you want to avoid recieving lammps job at this moment, please refer to the CAS document to uncheck the application!
18 May 2012, 9:34:18 UTC · Comment



此外,在这次会议上,与会者同意CAS@home平台背后的科学人员和开发人员应当向志愿者分享更多关于CAS@ home计划及相关事宜的详细信息。这也正是许多CAS@home的志愿者所希望的。因此,从发布这篇新闻事项开始,我们将竭尽所能提供更多的更新。

BOINC的开发者David Anderson在加州大学伯克利分校远程参加会议。同时我们也与中国科学院北京基因组研究所讨论了正在开发当中的新应用。



CAS@home just started testing a new application called LAMMPS on the main CAS@home server. The application is for simulating nanoscale systems of molecules using a technique called molecular dynamics. A novel job submission system has been created for this application by researchers at CAS Institute of High Energy Physics and UC Berkeley.

The scientists using this new application are from the Centre for Nano and Micro Mechanics (CNMM), Tsinghua University. Successful submission of first test jobs was demonstrated at a CAS@home meeting held at CNMM yesterday [link:]. After some more testing, CNMM researchers expect to start sending a steady stream of LAMMPS jobs to the main CAS@home server. This will be for fundamental research on how different molecules interact with nanotubes.

Also at the meeting, the participants agreed that the scientists and developers behind CAS@home should share more information about the plans and events of CAS@home with the volunteers. It is something that many of you CAS@home volunteers have been asking for. So starting with this news item, we will try our best to provide more frequent updates.

At the meeting we had scientists from CAS Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS Institute of Computing Technology, CAS National Astronomical Observatories of China, CAS Institute of Zoology, the Centre for Nano and Micro Mechanics (CNMM) of Tsinghua University, and Tsinghua's Departments of Industrial Engineering and Chemical Engineering. David Anderson, Director of BOINC, joined remotely from UC Berkeley. We also discussed an application under development with the CAS Beijing Institute of Genomics.

So it seems CAS@home is gaining interest of many people in the Chinese scientific community, and we look forward to seeing some exciting new applications on CAS@Home in the coming months. As usual, thanks to all the volunteers – you are the heart of CAS@home!

Conference summary:
18 May 2012, 3:17:34 UTC · Comment

project downtime
Due to database issues, the project will be shut down between UTC 8:00 2012-05-03 and UTC 8:00 2012-05-04, sorry for the inconvinience!
3 May 2012, 8:08:56 UTC · Comment

About BOSS Application
Recently We have been updating our website, and accidentally put the manual for how to support BOSS application on the web, However, the application is not ready yet, we are still working on developing a job submission system for physicists who use BOSS. Official news will be released once BOSS application is ready to be online! Thanks for those who are showing their keen insterests to test this application!

这段时间,我们在进行网站的更新,不小心将BOSS应用的用户向导放在网站上了,因此收到不少志愿者的来信,询问BOSS测试作业的情况。目前我们还没有正式发布BOSS应用,主要还在开发相应的作业提交系统。当BOSS可以上线时,我们会这里正式发布消息,邀请各位志愿者一起参与测试! 谢谢各位非常热心的支持。
23 Apr 2012, 4:30:56 UTC · Comment

Project contact
From now on volunteers can use "" (replace AT with @) to have direct contact with CAS@home team about project related questions.

志愿者们可以使用"" (将AT 替换为 @)与cas@home的项目人员直接联系。但是这个邮件列表只用于跟项目相关的问题。
18 Apr 2012, 4:01:11 UTC · Comment

New Application for "Protein structure Prediction" will be online soon
Many thanks to all the supporters of "Protein Structure Prediction(PSP)" project, with your help, PSP team has achieved a lot and published a paper based on the computing results.
PSP team just released a new application "treeThreader" with more accuracy and higher performance to replace the old application "SCThreader" , CAS@home team has also been working on porting this new application "treeThreader" on BOINC.This time, PSP team also provides a webservice which can accept Protein sequences submitted by scientists from world wide, and CAS@home will provide all the computing power to process these sequences.
By estimation, CAS@home team should be able to put "treeThreader" online around the end of May! Offical news will be released about this!

17 Apr 2012, 4:57:51 UTC · Comment

BOINC developer visits CAS@home and gives a talk
BOINC developer Dr. David Anderson is paying a visit to IHEP-CC from Apr 1st to Apr 15th to help with CAS@home project.He will also give a talk on his recent work on volunteer storage at IHEP-CC.

Abstract of Dr. David Anderson's talk:
Volunteer computing uses 700,000 PCs for a wide range of scientific computing projects.These PCs provide disk storage as well as CPU and GPU processing power.A growing number of projects are using volunteer computing for storage and data-intensive computing applications.
I will categorize these applications and will describe the scheduling and allocation techniques used to handle them in BOINC.

Time: Apr 10th 15:00
Location: Conference Room,Computer Center,Institute of High Energy Physcis , CAS
9 Apr 2012, 5:32:11 UTC · Comment

CAS@home server in maintainance
CAS@Home server will be in maintainance for hardware and software upgrade during the period from March 9th 2012 to March 11th 2012. 8 Mar 2012, 3:18:26 UTC · Comment

New updates from SCThread application
Thanks to the help of all CAS@home volunteers, The SCThread project from ICT,CAS has made great progress in the past one year.

1. Their team has published a paper on BMC Structural Biology:
( Research Incorporating Ab Initio energy into threading approaches for protein structure prediction : Mingfu Shao, Sheng Wang, Chao Wang, Xiongying Yuan, Shuai Cheng Li, Weimou Zheng, Dongbo Bu BMC Bioinformatics 2011, 12(Suppl 1):S54)

2. They are working on the next generation of SCThread which is called ThreeThreade, and will be put online in the coming December.

3. They are also working on another project called PEARL which relies on the voluteer computing resources(mainly your mobile), please check details about this project at

Thanks again for your help!!
14 Nov 2011, 6:46:17 UTC · Comment

Status updates of CAS@home
In the past a few months, we have been working on several things:

1. Porting LAMMPS(the application for computing for cleaning water by Tsinghua University) on CAS@home.

2. Porting BOSS software(Physics analysis software for Being Spectrometer by IHEP,CAS) on CAS@home. To run BOSS on BOINC platform will require VirtualBOX pre-installed on the volunteer computer.

3. Redesigning CAS@home website.

Both the new website and LAMMPS willed be released officially in the coming January.

Thanks for your support!

New updates from 2012-05-07

Lammps(software for Tsinghua CNMM Nano tech research including computing for clean water and computing for clean air) will be online at the end of May!

TreeTreader(2nd generation of software for Protein structure prediction from ICT) will be online at the end of June!

BOSS porting will be delayed because of the development of Job submission system,
but it is possible to send some test jobs to volunteers as a Beta test before we complete the Job submission system!
14 Nov 2011, 2:19:45 UTC · Comment

CAS@home back in service
We have finished the regular maintenance of our servers, and CAS@home is back in service now. 17 Jul 2011, 10:47:36 UTC · Comment

CAS@home downtime
IHEP-CC which is hosting CAS@home will be under regular maintenance between 16th July and 24th July. In the meanwhile, we will also shut down CAS@home server because of no network connectivity. The project will resume its regular running at the latest of 25th July 2010. 13 Jul 2011, 6:49:44 UTC · Comment

2011 China Mozilla Drumbeat Hackfest
Welcome to join the 2011 China Mozilla Drumbeat hold at ICT,CAS between 23-25 March 2011. To get more details,please click here for english version or here for chinese version. 2 Mar 2011, 7:12:22 UTC · Comment

The SCThread application was announced formally!
Today, the SCThread application was announced formally!Thank you very much for your support to our project for the last four months. Please tell this to your family and friends and invite them to attach their computers to this project! Thank you again! 20 Oct 2010, 4:51:29 UTC · Comment

A piece of news
News about CAS@home and Computing for Clean Water, get more details from here. 30 Sep 2010, 1:22:57 UTC · Comment

The launch of Computing for Clean Water
IBM and Tsinghua University announced the launch of Computing for Clean Water, a new volunteer computing project from China. CAS@home welcomes this younger brother. The project is part of the World Community Grid, which IBM supports philanthropically. See WCG to find out more and join the new project. If you are in China, please tell family and friends about the project, because WCG is easy to use for beginners, and there is good Chinese language information explaining the project. Also the Tsinghua scientists want to reach 100,000 new volunteers in one month! 30 Sep 2010, 1:14:57 UTC · Comment

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