Task 23840025
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Created9 Jul 2014, 3:34:03 UTC
Sent9 Jul 2014, 7:17:59 UTC
Report deadline10 Jul 2014, 19:17:59 UTC
Received9 Jul 2014, 8:33:53 UTC
Server stateOver
OutcomeComputation error
Client stateCompute error
Exit status195 (0xc3) EXIT_CHILD_FAILED
Computer ID1043
Run time1 hours 3 min
CPU time12 sec
Validate stateInvalid
Application versionICT Protein Structure Prediction(2nd Generation) v1.21

Stderr output

(unknown error) - exit code 195 (0xc3)
wrapper: starting
16:55:27 (4900): wrapper: running run-treeThreader.exe ()
Assertion failed: sas.size() == query_items.size(), file query.cpp, line 307

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information.
app exit status: 0x1
17:58:26 (4900): called boinc_finish