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Last updated 23 Apr 2019, 10:20:05 UTC

Moriatie ("I'm from China. Born July.25,1989. I'm about to graduate from the college. I like snooker,...")
Maurice Goulois ("Informaticien, résidant à Paris. Supporteur du calcul distribué depuis qu'il existe;...")
Martin Brotzler ("Martin Brotzler aus Waiblingen Information über mich: Martin Brotzler Ich wohne in...")
Marco8869 [E.R.] ("Hi to all! I'm Marco8869 aka Campos, member of the BOINC.Italy team I'm doing the best...") ("Czechoslovak SF and F, web games, translating")
modesti ("Why should I tell you anything about my age, my living, my work? It's permanently changing!...")
marsinph ("coming soon")

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