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Last updated 7 Apr 2020, 13:30:04 UTC

swh@home ("...")
SETIKAH ("Let us together! You are Welcome Anytime. SETIKAH Team, Click! ")
Swordfish ("I have been crunching for many years going back to Seti Classic. I tend to prefer to run...")
Saenger ("Geboren 1964 in Wrisbergholzen Studiert in Berlin (Energie- und...")
Sorceress ("Retired truckdriver from East Tennessee, USA. I enjoy participating in distributed...")
Samy ("Member of . I am from Germany ( NRW, Recklinghausen )")
Sam Gonce ("I am a forty-something father of 2 children (1 girl and 1 boy) and a member of Team...")
Stefan ("Hi, my name is Stefan and since May 2003 I`m team member of SETI.Germany: ...")
SEARCHER ("Hi to all. I was a 47 Years old Male from Ludwigshafen/Germany and my Occupation was...")
SG-Booster ("Der SETI.Germany-Booster Die Idee zum SG-Booster entstand im Jahre 2007, als man sich...")

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