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Last updated 7 Apr 2020, 13:30:04 UTC

tiker ("About me... well.. I'm a boring guy. I live in Ontario, Canada, married with two step...")
Tynox ("Hi everyone! I'm a student from China and I'm studying in Shanghai.")
Tomasz R. Gwiazda ("Hello I'm Thomas from Boinc@Poland Team Join us at My current...")
theflux ("Desktop Engineer who likes sports, fishing and boating.")
taurec ("Hi, I was born in 1957 and I live in Germany (Bavaria). I joined Seti@home in 1999, yes...")
T-Armstrong (" Astronomie-Astrophysik und Raumfahrt ( Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space ) -...")
Terminator ("Hallo,mein nick ist Terminator und ich bin im Team SETI.Germany.Meine Hobbys sind Computer...")
TheWatcher2k3 ("Ich bin ein Computerfreak, der seine Rechenzeit sinnvoll nutzen möchte. Von daher crunche...")
tosi ("Woo Ron tea Satsuma shochu having just finished exciting it is delicious.")

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